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Who Will You Be Today?

Every morning, we wake up and we have a choice.... how do we want to show up in the world today? How do we want to feel about ourselves?

Some days, I wake up feeling like I can take on the world, and other days, it’s a win if I just manage to put on matching socks. On those take-on-the-world days, I might hit every one of my health and wellness goals, crush it at work, and feel like a super-mom who can do it all. On the “off” days, I might work a little more slowly, eat a few extra snacks and drink too much coffee, and my son’s bath night might get pushed to the next day.

And, you know what? That’s totally okay. Because I’m learning to find confidence in the little things and believe that my self-worth isn’t tied to how productive I am, how clean my house is, or whether I work out each day (just a few examples of how I’ve judged my self-worth in the past). Life is so much more than those things. The “off” days are just days when I give myself a break because my body or mind asks me to. They don’t make me any less worthy or important. In fact, I’m finally starting to see that those days actually show that I value myself and honor my needs.

Today, I’m choosing to be someone who doesn’t sweat the small stuff and who finds joy in the ordinary. Maybe I’ll pay it forward at the coffee shop or finally start one of those books I’ve been putting off. Today, I will make small choices that add up to feeling good about who I am - who I truly AM at heart, without putting pressure on myself to do it all (let alone do it all perfectly).

So, what about you? Who will you choose to be today? If we’re lucky, we will all choose to be kind to ourselves and maybe even spread a little of that kindness around. 

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