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Beyond the Surface: A Review of "Lookin' Within"

Book Review: "Lookin' Within" by Heather Prinzo

"Lookin' Within" is a heartwarming picture book that brings us into a world where what makes us unique isn’t what we see on the surface, but the treasures hidden inside. Written by Healther Prinzo, with vibrant illustrations by Goran Vitanovic, this book is a gentle nudge towards empathy, acceptance, and celebrating what makes each of us special.

Healther Prinzo, who’s spent years teaching special education, has seen up close how quickly labels can stick to kids and affect how they see themselves. Her experience, combined with her passion and a Master’s Degree in Special Education, sparked the idea for this book right in her classroom. Prinzo wanted to challenge those labels and encourage a deeper, kinder way of seeing each other and ourselves.

The book introduces us to Dingo the Dog Detective, who's not your ordinary dog... or detective. He has a magical magnifying glass that allows us to see past outward appearances and glimpse the true beauty that lies within others and ourselves. Through Dingo's eyes, we learn to appreciate everyone's inner strengths, especially highlighting the unique qualities of children with disabilities.

"Lookin' Within" does more than tell a story; it inspires us to be better. Prinzo hopes her book will encourage kids and adults alike to embrace and celebrate the differences among us, taking these lessons off the pages and into the real world. It’s a reminder of the importance of empathy and acceptance, told in a way that's accessible to children but resonates with adults too. And it’s a journey well worth taking, reminding us of the beauty that lies just beneath the surface, waiting to be seen and celebrated.

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